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About Cam

Who am I

Born in Canada with a passion for making a positive impact, I've always dared to step out of my comfort zone. Despite my shy beginnings, a turning point came in grade 10 when I spoke out against the notion that "racism doesn't exist in Canada" at a Black Lives Matter protest. The response to my video speech on YouTube was overwhelming, with over 50,000 views. As of 2023, I am a Destination Canada TED talk speaker, and I will always continue to advocate for what I am passionate about.

My Purpose

Empowered by this experience, I founded BYR Youth, contributing to changes in the curriculum around diverse histories in York Region. I've taken my voice to news platforms and global events, aiming to inspire change. Now, at 17, I've even ventured into entrepreneurship with—an inclusive clothing brand that unites a global community in support of social justice.

The Brand

Our clothing line not only represents style but also stands for a cause. A portion of the proceeds from our activism arm goes to charities supporting minority youth. What began as a negative experience has fueled my passion, driving me towards a career in global advocacy. Dedicated, hardworking, resilient, and optimistic, I'm on a mission to make every place I am a better one for everyone. Join us in wearing the change you want to see. #721merch #PositiveImpactFashion